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Noor Events Pasadena
Noor Events is a boutique event
space situated in historic downtown
Pasadena. Our mission is to earn the
trust of our Clients by producing
consistent and flawless
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The NEW Pasadena Transit
Bringing Awareness to Male Victims Of Domestic Violence
When the term "Domestic Violence" is mentioned, our imagination quickly
and easily can paint a vivid picture of a woman being physically attacked
by a male spouse.  If a woman claims to be a victim of domestic violence,
it is the nature of many of us to not just believe her, but to also show
compassion and even offer some sort of help.

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Pasadena Black Pages Gains Steam As Voice Of Community
The media scene is quickly changing in Pasadena, and the people are
starting to see and even experience the difference.  Since the emergence
of the Internet, the ability for any individual to reach an audience of
millions has been made very possible, however major media outlets has
always been able to use their vast resources and influence to
overshadow virtually and independent news coverage.....

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Amnesty Granted: Get Old Fines Reduced Up To 80%
For everyone being haunted by old traffic fines and driver's license
issues, don't sleep on this opportunity! You can now apply for an amnesty
program for up to an 80% reduction in fines as well as get your
suspended license reinstated for traffic violations from 2013 and earlier.
You can apply for the program easily online from the page below. So, if
you have old business to take care of, now's the best time!

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Traffic Court Amnesty
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Pasadena Roots For Baby Dominick
The entire community is on edge as local infant, Dominick Swartz, fights
for his life at
Children's Hospital Los Angeles.  Recently diagnosed in
October with infantile spasms, the youngest son of local influential youth
mentor, Manuel "Paco" Swartz, has already spent nearly a month at
CHLA battling a severe lung infection.

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Pasadena Black Pages has
quickly become a notable media
source in Pasadena, California,
and the community loves it!  
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